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Divemaster - Contact us for prices​​

The Divemaster course is the first level in the professional line of scuba diving. This course is designed to teach you how to lead other divers and assist in teaching scuba courses with a certified instructor. The main characteristics of this course is that the students that successfully completes the course, will be able to:

1. Act as a Dive Controller

2. Lead certified divers in open water dives

3. As a Dive Guide, assist in the training of new divers

4. Teach some non certification ACUC Scuba courses (Introduction to Diving)

5. Teach, evaluate and certify some “dry” specialties (specialties where no water training is involved), as long as the Divemaster holds the corresponding Specialty Instructor rating.

You must be already certified, or be certified during the Divemaster course, as a First Aid Provider and Emergency Oxygen Provider.

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